Light out of Darkness

With this rock tune, I'm back to releasing Julience originals.
It's a preview for my upcoming album.
I wrote the song, played all instruments, and recorded it in my home studio.

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Light out of darkness

Alone in a city street the night’s fading in 
I walk from the dark to a motionless crowd 
That waits for the dawn to come 
And break up the masquerade 

The hopeless divide of truth and lies 
That shimmers in neon lights 
To entice the beam in our eyes 
In time 

A ray of sunshine in the rain 
Like a rush of blood to the brain 
Yeah like a light out of darkness 
She was there 
And she took away the pain 

I never thought I’d see the day 
Something good coming my way 
Though stars fade and die 
In the wink of an eye 
As the rise of the tide 
Where oceans collide 

A ray of sunshine in the rain 
Like a rush of blood to the brain 
Like a light out of darkness 
She was there 
And she showed me the way 

Yeah yeah 

Like a ray of sunshine in the rain 
Like a rush of blood to the brain 
Yeah like a light out of darkness 
She was there 
And she took away the pain 

This heart of mine  take it with you 
Love’s made for two 
Make it alright and let it ignite 
Don’t flee from the fight 
Let it inside make it alright 

A ray of sunshine in the rain 
Like a rush of blood to the brain 

Like a light out of darkness she was there 
And she showed me the way 

Like A ray of sunshine in the rain 
Yeah like a rush of blood to the brain 
Yeah yeah 
Like a light out of darkness 
She was there 
And she took away the pain

Music & Lyrics: Vincent Julien Le Blanc
Lyric sheet: Light Out Of Darkness


Let’s go Julience! 🙌 Light out of darkness blew me away! Those guitar riffs and vocals work together incredibly, I love how catchy the chorus is and how easily the verses flow into the hook!

Julience Finds Light Out of Darkness

The UK-based, Netherlands-born artist, Julience, has just released his first single of the new year last Friday, February 17th, titled, “Light Out of Darkness.” 
Certainly, a highly anticipated release as his emotive and guitar-laden pop-rock approach has been well received by his audience, quickly jumping to 15k monthly listeners on Spotify since dropping the first single off his catalog, “Alcohol” in January of last year. 

#LT1KF has been following his work on the blog (“The Flood” and “Love Lies Cold”) as well. While typically praised for his guitar work, Julience is a multi-instrumentalist who also played all the instruments on the new single. 
The latest is a sample of what’s to come this year via an upcoming album.

The swirling guitar leads are reminiscent of early 2000s alternative rock that reminds me of Fuel. You can hear an element of classic rock in his influence of writing that blends well nicely, particularly in his impassioned, energetic vocal delivery and the track’s guitar solo fading out into a figurative sunset.

As the title would imply, the lyrical context is optimistic at the root. However, the vibe and subtle lyricism carry a little bit of a somber air about it. Indeed, how would one find light out of the darkness without existing in darkness, to begin with? The chorus is melodic and emotive, and the words are expressionist in a sense, implying certain lyrical concepts but not overtly literal or specific. That is my personal favorite kind of lyricism, the kind that leaves a lot to the mind to ponder and interpret when hearing it.

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 Light out of Darkness – Radio Edit by Julience 

For fans of high-energy dance tracks, Julience’s “Light out of Darkness – Radio Edit” is an electrifying force to be reckoned with.
With a pulse-pounding tempo of 155 BPM and a driving B-minor key, this song grabs you by the ears and doesn’t let go.
Despite having a very low level of acoustic instrumentation, the song’s ear-splitting energy will leave you feeling invigorated and ready to dance the night away.
You’ll be carried along by the insistent beat and infectious melody, transported out of your everyday life and into a world of pure sonic ecstasy. 

But there’s something deeper at play in this song.
Julience’s “Light out of Darkness” is not just a club anthem; it’s a powerful expression of the human experience.
With its 3-time signature and driving, relentless rhythm, the song reflects the ups and downs of life, the moments when we feel lost in the darkness and the times when we emerge into the light.
It’s a message of hope and resilience, of refusing to give up when life throws obstacles in our path.
And with its soaring, uplifting chorus, this track delivers that message in a way that’s impossible to ignore. 

Whether you’re a seasoned dancefloor veteran or just looking for a song to lift your spirits, Julience’s “Light out of Darkness – Radio Edit” deserves a place on your playlist.
With its heart-stopping energy and powerful message, it’s a track that’s sure to get your blood pumping and your feet moving. Don’t miss out on this undeniable hit! 

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