Man, every time I say I'm done with 3-chord, guitar rocking, somebody like you comes along with just enough flavor to change my mind. Your lyric and vocal have a great reminiscence of both Who Sell Out production and post-Roxy Eno hints. I really enjoyed this.” - BKopernikus



Genre:  Rock, Classic Rock, Pop Rock, RetroRock, Indie Pop, Indie Rock

Manchester-based Singer, Songwriter & Multi-instrumentalist. 
He began playing the guitar at an early age, established a band, performed some gigs, and then left the band and his country of birth (The Netherlands) to pursue music in Manchester. 

Julience loves writing and playing music combining guitar-driven rock and pop elements.


Debut Album "Julience"

I was always fascinated by music, but it wasn't until i got my first guitar that I realised I wanted to be a musician.” - Julience

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