Sometime (AKA The Return Of The Son),  just like my previous releases, shows my love for guitar-driven classic pop & rock.  

Sometime is inspired by the Parable of the Prodigal Son. 

In the story, a father has two sons. The younger son asks for his portion of the inheritance from his father, who grants his son's request. This son, however, is wasteful and extravagant.
He squanders his fortune and eventually becomes destitute.
As consequence, he returns home empty-handed and intends to beg his father to accept him back as a servant.
To the son's surprise, he is not scorned by his father but is welcomed back with celebration and a welcoming party.
Envious, the older son refuses to participate in the festivities.
The father tells the older son: "you are ever with me, and all that I have is yours, but thy younger brother was lost and now he is found." 

It is a story about redemption. 

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Sometime I was alone, had no place to call my own 
devastated by suspense, vindicated by romance 
Somewhere I lost my way, made my bed where I could not stay 
hunger in the beloved land, nobody there to lend a hand 

I’ve had my trials of loneliness, I’ve had my failure and success 
been to the end of worlds unknown, but now I’ve heard the call for me to atone 
In a crowded room before, I felt the calm before the storm 
summer went and the winter came, looking for fuel to feed the flame 

On the road my knees were weak, I shook the dust from off my feet 
I took my time to make amends, but even all the best-laid plans 
The will to live, to love, to share, to build a home without a care 
can make you lose your track of time, make you forget your role in this pantomime 

Now I’ve made it home again, and forever to remain 
kill the fatted calf tonight, we’ll sing and dance to our birthright 
She’ll be waiting by the phone, send love from here to Rome 
singing songs from days of old, solemn beauty to behold 

In all my trials of loneliness, I’ve found the meaning of success 
the love and comfort of your kin, the love that never falters from within

Music & Lyrics: Julience
Lyric Sheet: Sometime


If it’s bigger riffs ya need, I have just the thing! Dutch-born but Manchester-based rocker @JulienceUK has given us a right treat today! This is very catchy! Lovin’ the guitars!

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One study published in Nature Neuroscience, led by Zatorre, researchers found that dopamine release is strongest when a piece of music reaches an emotional peak and the listener feels "chills"— the spine-tingling sensation of excitement and awe. That may explain why I like Sometime.

I really enjoyed the electric guitar playing in this song, I felt that it was superb. The singer had an iconic voice and fit very well with the lyrics too. The melody was uplifting and made me feel a bit nostalgic as well.

Classic guitar over mellow beat. This song has mellow rock vocals. Hopeful lyrics. Chill vibe. Great song to relax to. Good sound structure. Julience got a great almost retro-sounding voice.

Reverbnation Crowd Reviews

Julience's current track has been described as "exceptional."

When you listen to "Sometime (AKA Return Of The Son)," you'll hear an outstanding piece of music.

The spectacular tune will debut for the first time on Thursday, April 28, 2022.
It takes exceptional talent, amazing abilities, and brave guts to create a song as epic as "Sometime (AKA Return Of The Son)."

In order to generate an unstoppable atmosphere and to build audience expectation for the vocals, the intro plays for a long period of time.
Immediately as the dramatic climax of the intro is reached, the outstanding vocals on the rock-solid music production will transport the listener to a higher level of consciousness with the following eye-opening lyrics:

Sometime I was alone, had no place to call my own /
devastated by suspense, vindicated by romance /
Somewhere I lost my way, made my bed where I could not stay /
hunger in the beloved land, nobody there to lend a hand /
I've had my trials of loneliness, I've had my failure and success /
been to the end of worlds unknown, but now I've heard the call for me to atone

Undeniably, there will be significant amounts of only rock music in the single as well, which will make die-hard rock lovers extremely happy. Although it is more than five minutes long, it will sound extraordinary and magnificent from beginning to end.

Stream it now.

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*Good (late morning) there 😀Heard Sometime (AKA Return of the Son) & of course, played it right away again*

Such a pleasure to listen to in all respects. It evokes a blend of poignant/hopeful feelings all the way through.
Both the melody + theme induce strong emotion that's enlivening and woefully relatable with those multi-layered tones of harmony + lyrics, which enable an audience to accept both personal struggle & growth.

The vocals are stirring throughout, in how they relay a journey, are a moving reminder of a timeless parable, and on the whole, make an audience feel their own story within it all.
The guitar is exquisite as always + has such an infectious rhythm from start to finish, with that middle solo being so luminous.

It's truly a song that is comforting in how it leaves a listener with a feeling of regained clarity and energizing in how it fits so nicely into a full-on rock genre ambiance. I positively love it!


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