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It's been a long wait

But finally, my new single is out on all streaming platforms from the 6th of January! 

This song is the first one I've released in ages, and it's called "Alcohol." 
It marks a new start for me - being here…

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How To Release Your First Single

Releasing your first single can be a daunting task. How do you promote it? How do you get people to listen to it? This article will go over the basics of releasing your first single. 

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How to promote your music on social media

How to promote your music on social media

Promoting your music on social media can be a difficult task, but you can do it. Social media is a powerful tool for musicians to promote their music and get the word…

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Restringing My Guitars

My Fender Stratocaster is all restrung (waiting for my Epiphone SG to come back from repairs as well), got my new bass guitar, plus my updated recording/mixing equipment, all ready to start recording. 

With a bit of luck, I'll be…

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So Much To Do.....

Releasing a single can’t be difficult, can it? 

That’s what I thought. But there’s a lot involved. If besides releasing the song, you also want it to get noticed. 

There are other things to consider too. Stuff I had not…

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