The Flood

The Flood, just like my previous releases, shows my love for guitar-driven classic pop & rock.  

The Flood’ is a message of doom delivered in the form of classic rock ’n’ roll. 
It surveys the chaos of modern society with a biblical perspective, offering an ominous warning. 

It is a song that will appeal to anyone looking for comfort in this era of despair.

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The Flood

Land filled with sin, consumed by slow decay 

wickedness of man, who’ve been slowly led astray 

Violent, corrupted 

all flesh shall be scattered 

every man shall face his reckoning before long 


Killing yourself to live 

living only for the day 

soon enough you will all pay 


One man, one message that no one will heed 

found grace in thy sight, not blinded by greed 

Gopher wood, pitch within 

make haste the tide is creeping in 

save the tears, face your fears 

soon enough you will be consumed 

Like a black hole in your room 

can’t you feel this falling gloom? 

there’s a lingering sense of doom 


Oh my, oh will we ever see the day again? 

the sky grows darker every minute passing by 

The rain won’t stop, the sea will swallow us one by one 

my Lord how could we have been so blind 


He made a world for us (sun and moon) 

He’ll take what’s left of us (and start anew) 

He brought us into this world (wicked game) 

He’ll take us out of it (just the same)

Music & Lyrics: Julience

Lyric sheet: The Flood


Overall Impression:
With its blistering fretboard work, soaring vocal performances, and marvelous sense of classic-rock drenched flamboyance, "The Flood" is a passionately written and creatively crafted piece of Christian-infused rock'n'roll that is full of spirit and an abundance of heart. Julience is clearly a talented writer and performer and he's cooked up a particularly catchy rocker of a track that I find myself still humming, always a great sign!

Strongest Point(s):
Any great rock track needs a powerful lead vocal performance at its forefront, and Julienece undoubtedly delivers on this. Not only do the vocals possess the necessary character needed to really reel the listener in, but the sheer level of control on display is superb.

Julience really nails that classic rock sense of rock attitude and his vocal range is incredibly diverse, the striking power behind those higher notes alone is a joy to listen to.

As well as being a strong vocalist, it's clear Julience is also a keen guitar aficionado and this most certainly shows, whether it'd be speed infused melodic flourishes or wildly expressive string bends, this is some seriously tasty guitar playing and it really helps inject the track with that extra bit of flair.

There are a number of well placed key changes throughout that really help inject the arrangement with a welcome feeling of both unexpectedness and excitement, and whilst modulations can sometimes be tricky to pull off effectively and successfully, they are handled very well indeed in "The Flood", helping to further ensure that this is a listening experience that continues to intrigue throughout.

Target Audience Appeal:
This is definitely a track for the Christian rock fans out there and I'm sure they will not be disappointed.

Artist target suggestions:
Lynrd Skynrd, Blue Oyster Cult, John Elefante, Leviticus, Newsboys, Fleetwood Mac, TOTO, Free, Wolfmother, Mark Heard, Christopher Cross, Matthew Ward, Men At Work

About The Reviewer:
Andre Avanessian is a freelance session musician, composer, and sound engineer based in the U.K. Having studied music production and composition at a degree level, he has taken his passion for all things audio-related to a level that has allowed him to become both a competent musician and performer. Being a self-confessed "Guitar Nerd" Andre has been continually studying the guitar, as well as teaching it, helping students both learn the instrument, develop their songwriting, and how to become proficient in home recording.   


Driven by epic guitars and a thunderous rhythm section, ‘The Flood’ is a message of doom delivered in the form of classic rock’n’roll. 
Julience’s impassioned vocal performance surveys the chaos of modern society with a biblical perspective, offering an ominous warning. 
It is a song that will appeal to anyone looking for comfort in this era of despair.

So, I got the Spotify notification that The Flood was out right as I started the morning here & have already played it three times
 I am in awe. What a refreshingly comprehensive song!
That consistently bright piano beat is perfectly woven into the gradual/narrative shifts of the guitar, which all get more + more beautifully expressive with each minute.
The tempo changes are so well done/merge really nicely with your vocal ranges, which remain so strong & go so far.
And the message, wow.....between the pleading/guided stream of vocals/melodies and the theological realm of it all, it is literally a song that has its own essence!
The tones in how you allude to society's woes stir up emotion + your choir-like background vocals combined with your primary vocals have such a fulfilling texture in how it all moves an audience.

The song as a whole, takes me back to all that I like about classic rock songs and also to later genres of music that I like so much, (like Elliott Smith "Figure 8" era songs, for example), but more so, has your own individual sound & carries a grasp on a feeling, unlike anything I've ever quite heard shared before.

The way you are able to communicate so much within a song is simply outstanding. Bravo! 👏


Julience takes us on a Biblical listening experience with an ominous fate. Disguised as a cool Rock & Roll track, “The Flood” is actually a warning (a pretty groovy one), about what’ll happen if we don’t change our ways. An amazing Rock track with a lot of textures and movements! Must listen!

With lyrics that would fit into any Metal track, “The Flood” is a stunning composition that mixes a terrible fate with an awesome musical delivery! Inspired by chapters 6-9 of the Book of Genesis, Julience shows us his point of view about how people are losing their way.

You might call it a pessimistic view of society, but everything that surrounds his music is anything but terrible. Wild guitar licks, Julience’s well-known high-reaching vocals, and beautifully recorded drums make this track a delightful experience of impending doom.

I can’t get my head around how this one man is able to record everything by himself using only his Mac. It sounds too good! It’s outstanding! The guitar solos, the bass line, everything feels so cohesive and neatly crafted. What a musician!

There’s no minute of boredom in this track, each section complements the next perfectly. Although this is a message of ruin, the whole thing feels so wholesome. This guitar hero is creating arena-feeling anthems and I don’t believe anything will stop him.

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