1. Love Lies Cold

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Love Lies Cold

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Release date: 18-02-2022



Loving, waiting
making my way through the minefield of the promises you made me
you tell me your heart’s still healing and then you call me up, elated
you’ve loaded the dice, the champagne’s on ice
I come running, gunning, you lead me up to your bed then you leave me for dead

In the darkness we’re lovers, baby
but in the streets our love lies cold
I’m still waiting for something better from you

Baited, sedated
your body the drug, while I was craving your love
it’s like a game that you play, where my pain is the aim
you make me feel I can fly, then you leave me to die

Only lovers wear roses, baby
but even roses can hurt you can’t they?
I could only imagine hurting for you