1. Alcohol

From the recordings Single Collection and Alcohol

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Release date: 06-01-2022



I don’t understand love
and I can’t get a grip on life
I think I must be blind
but then maybe I’m mistaken

There’s cracks in the ceiling
and there’s mould on the bathroom walls
There’s nowhere to run to
but I guess I must keep walking on now

My kitchen is burning
and the flames are crawling up the furniture
My ashtray is smouldering
and I don’t care about the rising temperature
The whole house goes up in smoke
it’s surrounding me and I just can’t see through it anymore
But before I go back to sleep again
I better start praying for somebody or something to come take me out of here

You see I lost my wife and kids because I spent all my money
and I can’t get a steady job because I can’t keep my hands from shaking all the time
if I manage to get out of bed anyway
It wasn’t always like this, you know
I was once a happy boy who just wanted to have some fun
I never meant for things to get so out of hand
and sometimes when I look back on life, I think: