1. Sometime

From the recordings Single Collection and Sometime

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Sometime I was alone, had no place to call my own
devastated by suspense, vindicated by romance
Somewhere I lost my way, made my bed where I could not stay
hunger in the beloved land, nobody there to lend a hand

I’ve had my trials of loneliness, I’ve had my failure and success
been to the end of worlds unknown, but now I’ve heard the call for me to atone
In a crowded room before, I felt the calm before the storm
summer went and the winter came, looking for fuel to feed the flame

On the road my knees were weak, I shook the dust from off my feet
I took my time to make amends, but even all the best-laid plans
The will to live, to love, to share, to build a home without a care
can make you lose your track of time, make you forget your role in this pantomime

Now I’ve made it home again, and forever to remain
kill the fatted calf tonight, we’ll sing and dance to our birthright
She’ll be waiting by the phone, send love from here to Rome
singing songs from days of old, solemn beauty to behold

In all my trials of loneliness, I’ve found the meaning of success
the love and comfort of your kin, the love that never falters from within