1. The Flood

From the recordings Single Collection and The Flood

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The Flood

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Land filled with sin, consumed by slow decay

wickedness of man, who’ve been slowly led astray

Violent, corrupted

all flesh shall be scattered

every man shall face his reckoning before long

Killing yourself to live

living only for the day

soon enough you will all pay

One man, one message that no one will heed

found grace in thy sight, not blinded by greed

Gopher wood, pitch within

make haste the tide is creeping in

save the tears, face your fears

soon enough you will be consumed

Like a black hole in your room

can’t you feel this falling gloom?

there’s a lingering sense of doom

Oh my, oh will we ever see the day again?

the sky grows darker every minute passing by

The rain won’t stop, the sea will swallow us one by one

my Lord how could we have been so blind

He made a world for us (sun and moon)

He’ll take what’s left of us (and start anew)

He brought us into this world (wicked game)

He’ll take us out of it (just the same)