Yellow Eyes

Yellow Eyes, perhaps a slight deviation from my previously released work, is actually an older song of mine that I’ve reworked and re-recorded into what it is today. 

Previously unreleased, it showcases my roots as a Rock and Roll artist influenced by the greats from the late 60s and 70s, acts such as Led Zeppelin and AC/DC. Its prominent guitar riffs, simple lyrics, and raspy vocalization are a tribute to a time when Rock and Roll was simply just Rock and Roll. 

No bullshit, just turn up the volume!

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Yellow Eyes 

She’s got yellow hair 
she’s got yellow eyes 
There’s no doubt about it 
I like the way she smiles 
Right now 

I’m working nine to five 
to keep the living alive 
She wipes the dirt off my shoulders 
but still, she keeps her hands clean 

Running in the night, at high speed 
Fire in the skies, light up her yellow eyes 

I’ve got to take my time 
and take what’s mine 
Roll down the highway 
to where the air is fine 

Running in the night, at high speed 
Fire in the skies, light up her yellow eyes! 

Well, she takes my hand 
and drives me away, 
and the glass it fell on the floor 
Yeah, she drowns me in a holy water’s flow 

It’s plain to see 
what she’s doing to me 
She wipes the dirt off my shoulders 
her hands are dirty but my mind is clean now 
And I can see 

Running in the night, at high speed 
Living in a dream, I’m wide awake 
She bend down over me, to put me down 
Fire in the skies, light up her yellow eyes 


Music & Lyrics: Julience
Lyric Sheet: Yellow Eyes


“Yellow Eyes” is a brand new classic hard rock single by Julience. 

„Yellow Eyes” brings back the honest rock straighf from its roots with a contemporary flair.
It merits from the trademark vocals of the singer-songwriter Julience and offers a hard rock soundscape with clean lyrics and memorable riffs.
The authentic delivery adds another level to the single making it even more relatable. „Yellow Eyes” is clearly a memento for Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and all the early ‘70s hard rock hero era. 

„Yellow Eyes” elegantly balances between the past and present of rock sounds and the mix and master supports it well. Of course, the necessary rawness of the genre is a nice surprise for the rock-lovers.

The verses are rhythmic and memorable, the chorus is in falsetto and Julience has the pipes to bring it on and masculine. The lead guitar’s main riff serves a thick foundation; the drums provide a fast beat with twists and changes.

The dialogue among the instruments portrays the mood quite profoundly, it treats the ears graciously. There is only a just necessary overdrive, keeping „Yellow Eyes” in the radio-friendly zone. 

The guitar solo carries the promise of a great live performance. 

„Yellow Eyes” is a homerun for Julience, that’s the way how to find the right fan base and raise interest in the industry. 

Ultimately, „Yellow Eyes” is a great and necessary song for any true rock-lover and perfect for live performances as well, plus, this could be a playlist favorite and good pick for a drive. Wouldn’t be a surprise if Julience got to be a regular in the festivals after this.

 Music Authentic

Yellow Eyes by Julience is a hit! 

 Julience releases the hit song "Yellow Eyes," & it's truly something special. From the time you hear the guitar all the way to the end of the song, you become addicted to the sound. It seems the logical sequel to "Love Lies Cold," were guitars were prominent as well. This song also has a classic rock, synonymous with the artist. 

This is one of these songs I can hear on movie soundtracks, at a bar, party, or some feel-good music to play at home. "Yellow eyes" is definitely repeat worthy & I believe the world will love it.

The Buzz

Yellow Eyes just showed up in the new vids on my YT subscription page! 👌 

Love the Day Tripper-esque energy it has, along with how it grasps that vivid 60s/70s rock element, but still holds your own signature sound that you generate 🤘 

It has an immediate spark from the get-go, in how it pulls a listener in with that refreshingly memorable melody👏 

Really like the strong/catchy layers of the guitar hooks that both lead into/branch out during your solo towards the end. The drum patterns that encompass the song all the way through are great too 🎸🥁 

It's also cool how your vocals have an endearing/lighthearted quality about them, with the mood of this type of track 🎤

It has such an overall fun core feel, that no doubt, so many people will enjoy listening to ✨ 
Glad you decided to rework/release it!


Yellow Eyes is discussed at approx 1 hour & 17 miniutes into the podcast!


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