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Livestream & 2 New Singles


Another short update coming from Manchester, UK, to tell you what I've been up to. 

Recently I was a guest on the podcast "Out On The Tiles #2 - A Music Rewind."  
Out On The Tiles is…

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Christ Liveth In Me (Copy Newsletter)

Dear friend, 

I hope this email catches you in good health. 

Here's a short update of what I've been up to. 

We are heading towards the end of the first half of 2022. 
A year that has been challenging on…

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Interview With York Calling

I’m a big fan of the indie rock genre, so I was very pleased to hear the latest banger from Dutch multi-instrumentalist Julience, titled Love Lies Cold. I wanted to find out more about his sound, so I decided to…

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The Wait Is Over

The wait is over! You can listen to my song through various streaming services.
You can go there via the link in my Bio. 

It has been a labor of love on my part. I hope you'll take the time

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Only a few days left till my first single drops!

I'm excited 😀 that my single "Alcohol" will drop this week! If rock music with a heavy guitar sound appeals to you, this song might be a good fit. 

😘I would really appreciate your help in spreading the word about…

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Sometimes It Feels Like An Uphill Batlle

As an indie musician, you have a lot going against you. You have no brand, few connections, and no one knows you if you're a new artist.  

So you need to get people to know you - get your name…

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How Did I Get Here?

According to my mother, I was not a calm baby. I heard that a lot as a toddler, a pre-schooler, and a teenager. There must have been some truth in that. I was tough on those around me. I also…

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Why Rock N' Roll? 

People ask me: Why rock n' roll? 
When is the last time you ever turned on the radio and heard a guitar riff?
Or a guitar solo?
Or any guitar at all... 
God willing, there's nothing I'd love more than…

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