Released April 28, 2022

Sometime is inspired by the Parable of the Prodigal Son. 

It is a story about redemption. 

The Flood

Released March 25th, 2022

The Flood, just like my previous releases, shows my love for guitar-driven classic pop & rock.  

The Flood’ is a message of doom delivered in the form of classic rock ’n’ roll. 
It surveys the chaos of modern society with a biblical perspective, offering an ominous warning. 

It is a song that will appeal to anyone looking for comfort in this era of despair.

Love Lies Cold

Released February 18th, 2022

My new single Love Lies Cold dropped on the 18th of February! Love Lies Cold shows my love for guitar-driven classic pop & rock. The song is about being between a rock and a hard place, a place between passion and hate. A relationship too hot to handle.

I was always fascinated by music, but it wasnt until i got my first guitar that I realised I wanted to be a musician.” - Julience


Crying On Your Porch and Please Don’t Go  

Months before packing his bags and permanently leaving for Manchester, Julience recorded two songs at Studio LC in Maastricht. At the time he was thrilled with the result. 
But Julience plans to rerecord (parts) of the songs sometime in the future.

Recorded in Maastricht, The Netherlands at Studio LC.  
Written & Performed by Julience

You can hear a short excerpt of one of the original songs below.


Lonely Road by Ampiphy 

In 2008 the young band Ampiphy recorded their first CD.  

The CD was meant to be something to show to family and friends. It gave the three band members the opportunity to work in a recording studio at the Pitsudio. You can find the Pitstudio in the (rural) village of Laar in Limburg (Netherlands). The producer was Hans Reinders. He grew up with cassette tapes of Status Quo, Deep Purple, Golden Earring, and Queen. Hans enjoys "somewhat heavier music". Recording an album with their own compositions was an instructive and fun experience for the Ampiphy lads.  
All their songs were written by Julience as a teenager,

Lonely Road 

  1. Intro (2008) (opens in a new window on Spotify) 
  2. Clouds (2008) (opens in a new window on Spotify) 
  3. Where Do We Go Now  (opens in a new window on Spotify) 
  4. Lonely Road (2008) (opens in a new window on Spotify) 
  5. Set Me On Fire (2008) (opens in a new window on Spotify)